Garden Gates: How To Make A Great Entrance

Garden Gates: How To Make A Great Entrance

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Do you wish your garden gate made a statement as to the kind of garden hiding behind it? If that’s the case, make sure to check out this collection of garden gates with some unique gate designs.

You’ll find creative design ideas for your garden entrance that will surely turn a bland and uninteresting garden into something that’s sure to impress.

A variety of themes and styles are included, so everyone is sure to find something to suit their personal taste. Make sure to take a look at the garden implement themed gate!

Garden pathways and walkways help guide visitors through a garden.

A garden gate welcomes guest and provides a glimpse of what lays behind the gate. It also gives the garden guest a glimpse into the garden personality of the owner.

Early in my plant growing career, I was a collector of rare plants, Anthuriums specifically. I had the honor and privilege of meeting some interesting “characters.”

When visiting their “gardens” the gate always gave way to the collection they curated.

The Amazing Harry Keller!

One of the most interesting was Harry Keller. Harry I think tried too many drugs in the 60’s and started recycling things way before it was popular.

The gate to Harry’s garden was old, tattered, weathered with plenty of stories to tell… just like Harry! The “lock” was an old concrete pot he found somewhere. Good memories!

This wine bottle garden fencing brings a very unique flair to a normally ordinary object. It’s a great way to reuse those wine bottles that are stacking up.

A wooden gate adorned with tools. It gives this gate a rustic look. One can imagine these tools being used long ago. It gives the yard a good feel.

This garden gate is bright red with a large X across it, similar to the color and look of a barn. It is surrounded by a solid white lattice with ivy growing around it

This moon metal gate is a fantastic way to fuse art and nature together. It really brings a fresh take on an old concept like a gate. Who said the “gate” needed to open? It’s more of a gateway!

This wooden garden arbor with gate contains two small gates that open outward. The wooden lattice surrounding it that is adorned with a multitude of purple flowering clematis vine on the lattice.

The design of the garden gate is simple but yet it stands out enough to draw attention. It gives you a small hint of what lies behind it, just enough to leave you intrigued.

A wooden heart adorns this garden fence gate. The gate is purple while the heart is natural wood. It gives it a great feel. A homely feel. This gate is welcoming to all who enter.

An iron fence, which is black in color, is shaped beautifully like growing tulips beneath an arch way of growing grasses and vines leading up to a building.

A garden gate made out of old tools. The tools look like they are fabricated. There are two men in the background. They are working on making this garden even more lovely.

A beautiful wooden gate with what appears like two large red bananas growing in pots and opening up into a personal garden. This garden seems like it is well maintained. The person who lives here takes great pride in their yard.

This garden gate has a copper texture to it and also has a very modern circular design that almost seems to look like a brain trick for the eyes.

This gate, garden trellis, and garden fence is made of mostly natural materials, giving it a very organic feel. It is especially inviting and gives a sense of belonging to nature rather than dividing yourself from it.

There is a quaint light colored wood gate and fence, arched at the doorway. It is imprinted with tiny flower shapes, allow sunlight to shine through, brightening the area immensely.

The “rolling” garden gate!

HOA’s… you know them – Home Owner Associations. They can have restrictions on so many items around a home. The color a house can be painted, the mulch used and fencing…

One garden designer got around a neighborhood rule on fences by creating a living, rolling garden gate. Opens to let you in… roll it closed for privacy. Details here.

Christy and her husband at confessionsofaserialdiyer.com finished building a fence and ran out of time getting the gate installed.


Christy admits she got a little impatient and built this gate all by herself. She did an excellent job and one to be very proud of. I’ve built a wooden gate before and it can be a challenge!

Christy has put together a wonderful tutorial with images covering the whole process… To check Christy’s gate tutorial here

Watch the video: Building a New Wooden Gate (July 2022).


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