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This Front Yard Got A Make Over That Included a Pond!

This Front Yard Got A Make Over That Included a Pond!

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Chances are slim that you’ll find and purchase the home of your dreams. But fear not, you can still create your dream home using what you have and a little creativity!

This DIY front yard landscaping project takes you through the steps of one family who transformed a less-than-gorgeous front yard in to the best in the neighborhood.

You’ll see how to build a gorgeous pond in your yard and it didn’t require fancy training. If you can dream it, you can create it. Making your dream home a reality is easier than you think! Check out this pond project!

After buying the a home in central Virginia in 2012, the spring of 2013 rolled around. This family decided after some research to build a front yard pond in their garden. As you can see… the yard looked pretty raw.

The water feature project started with digging in tough Virginia dirt/clay.

Removes some of the roots they encountered was one challenge. The pick axe proved a helpful tool to break things up.

The city marked the location of the utilities and the hole became a little bigger than originally planned.

They doubled up by putting down a pre-liner under the actual small pond liner. So far, no tears or leaks.

Using a hose and waiting a fews hours the pond slowly filled up.

These rocks are called ‘river surge’ purchased from a local rock company. Sorry no photos of the waterfall construction.

Basically they ran a 1″ rubber hose from the pond pump output to where the rocks are at the top. The rocks keep the hose in place, and the water simply cascades down.

In the future they may add some underwater white LED lights.

Since the pond was filled with city water they waited a few weeks to let the water “naturalize” before adding aquatic plants. They readily admit they have no idea on the water plants, but they are doing well so far.

The pond has two cattails, two water lilies, and one with nice purple flowers in the springtime.

The plan was to plant grass but the foot traffic is too high so the area was mulched instead.

A 12″x12″ filter is attached to the pump and cleaned every couple of weeks (more during the spring and summer, less during fall and winter).

Plants are on their own, they revive NO supplements or food. All plants are cut back below the water line before the pond freezes in winter.

When spring arrives, everything comes back on its own; it’s really quite amazing to see! Currently No Fish!

They typically see 2-3 water lily flowers blooming every day of three different colors; red, pink, and yellow blooms.

When the small front yard pond needs water it’s filled from a rain barrel. This makes it a perfect addition to rain gardens.

The top of the pond freezes on winter between 1″-2″ thick. The waterfall garden pond pump runs 24/7/365. The small waterfall doesn’t freeze during the winter giving birds a place to drink and bathe.

A great project! IF you enjoyed this small waterfall pond project, please share and comment! Via imgur

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