Landscape and Deck Solar Post Lighting – All Automatic

Landscape and Deck Solar Post Lighting – All Automatic

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Lighting a deck or providing soft light for an entry path or rock garden at night is easy with Solar Post Lights.

When the sun goes down the built-in Ni-Cad batteries charged from a single day last around eight hours.

Being solar powered lights means you’ll not need to remember to turn the lights on or off. This distinctive “lighthouse” look comes from three stainless steel support posts with two styles.

A tall post model “planting” in a yard or a short post model for patios, decks and walkways, giving flexibility to match your lighting needs.

The stainless steel light houses a solar cell which, converts sunlight into electricity and in turn recharges the built-in Ni-Cad battery each day.

The photo-cell sensor will automatically turns the light on at night. Every evening each solar light will use all available energy from the battery.

Remember, the “lighting” times will vary by specific location and local daily weather. The white LED bulb should never need to be replaced and the output is incredibly bright.

With no wires to install, trenches to dig or outlets to plug in, placement anywhere makes for an easy setup.

This real stainless steel solar light makes for an attractive addition and clean look to any home lighting project.

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