How To Build A PVC Cucumber Trellis

How To Build A PVC Cucumber Trellis

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A PVC trellis can be used to grow a variety of vegetables such as cucumbers, grapes, or other plants that grow in vines. This may not give the exact “How To” but does provide a good framework to get started.

  • A trellis can easily be made from PVC materials, and is therefore affordable, with easy to find materials.
  • The PVC will snap together easily so that building the trellis is not a hassle.
  • The trellis is a great and unique way to grow plants, and might also be able to create shade – Related -> Climbing flowering plants for a trellis
  • With this setup it is also easy to harvest your cukes!

Unfortunately, the fittings are not all outlined in this article, but the size of the “big” PVC was mentioned.

Most of the fittings are easy to figure out! A trellis is a great way to get more cucumbers for your table! Details via: PVC Plans

Pruning Your Cucumbers to Grow Vertically Up A Trellis

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