Destroy And Kill Ant Piles – An Easy Solution?

Destroy And Kill Ant Piles – An Easy Solution?

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When the rainy season starts ant piles show up. Recently, I was looking for a simple “natural” method to destroy ant piles.

One post suggested finding two ant piles, digging one up and mixing with the other. The idea was that the colonies would fight to the death for the queen. Not sure how well that would work.

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Then I ran across a very short post at where they used club soda, poured straight the piles to kill the ant colony.

The premise is that the “carbon dioxide from the carbonation displaces the oxygen in the colony, suffocating the queen, which eventually kills the whole colony“. Not sure how practical it is or what the expensive would be, but they claim it works.

Have you ever used club soda to level an ant pile? Share your experience on FaceBook.

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