1200 Square Foot Patio Project Start to Finish… Great Planning!

1200 Square Foot Patio Project Start to Finish… Great Planning!

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Patios are a great place to spend your off time and enjoy the outdoors.

This imgur album depicts one user’s journey with his patio redo, ending in a wonderful end product that he is sure to enjoy for years to come.

Here’s where they started with their old patio.

Demo started, deck removed and hauled off.

The Plan stayed close to this plan the original with only a few small additions. The plan was finalized in March.

Clean up, leveling, and excavating begins!

Bricks arrive!

Great to have friends who don’t mind getting dirty!

Outdoor lighting installed in the steps.

Lighting on showing a more finished look!

On shot of a “finished” patio.

After 300 hours of his own time, 43 tons of limestone, 6 tons of sand, 20 tons of pavers, and what I’m sure were a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, he was able to complete the project. Enjoy the full gallery via imager Patio Project

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