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4 Best Solo Backpack Sprayers – Which One Is Best For You?

The birth of solo backpack sprayers found it’s beginnings when the Solo Company was founded in 1948 in Germany by a pair of entrepreneurial brothers, Heinz and Hans Emmerich.The two set out to develop an industrial lightweight, two-stroke engine that would make an improvement over the current 35-pound “lightweight.
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Tibouchina Tree: How To Grow and Care For The Purple Glory Tree

The Tibouchina tree or botanically Tibouchina Urvilleana goes by many names. This lush tropical blooming bush may look or sound familiar because of its common names:Velvet-Leaf TibouchinaPurple Glory TreesPrincess Flower TreeSpider FlowerBrazilian Glory BushLasiandraTibouchina urvilleana, I remember when I first encountered the purple glory Princess flower.
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Health Benefits

9 [Proven] Health Benefits Of Avocados

The avocado is not only valued for its rich nutrient content, but also for its rich texture and good flavor.Commonly called the alligator pear primarily due to its green bumpy skin (like and alligator) and also because it is shaped like a pear.This tropical fruit is incredibly popular among people who are health conscious and is commonly referred to as a super food due to its health properties.
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Erigeron Glaucus Plant Care: How To Grow Seaside Daisy

Erigeron Glaucus Er-IJ-er-on GLAW-kus is a wildflower to the United States These California native plants and Oregon lives along the coastlines where it grows around dunes, coastal bluffs, and beaches.It is also known by the scientific name of Erigeron Glaucus Ker Gawl.This beautiful plant belongs to the daisy family, Asteraceae, and originates from North America.
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Personal Protective Equipment For Homeowners

When applying any type of pesticide, weed killer, etc you should always be safe. Safe for the plants, environment and YOU.Here’s a quick rundown of the equipment you can use to protect yourself when applying pesticides.GlovesRubber gloves should be used for handling any concentrated pesticide form to make spray solutions.
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Learn How To Grow Patchouli Plant

Patchouli is a popular herb, known for its strong scent and beneficial essential oils.The botanical name for the plant is Pogostemon cablin, pronounced po-go-STEE-mon CAB-lin .It’s part of the Lamiaceae (mint) family.Patchouli is native to tropical regions throughout Asia, including parts of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.
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